Les Warrington has been a leader in the field of reliability for 30 years, with senior roles in military, technology and academic fields.


Les has exceptional practical and senior management experience leading projects in the delivery of outstanding reliability, quality and safety results under challenging circumstances, vital to corporate and mission success.  He has worldwide teaching experience, delivering post-graduate programs and application-specific courses, covering an extensive syllabus of innovative quality, reliability and maintenance topics.  He offers a keen intellect and deep skill in aerospace, mechanical, electrical, electronic and software systems.  He is able to identify root cause of problems, finds opportunities for improvement, and delivers on-target solutions.  Les is a guide and mentor for corporate and individual development.

After graduating from the University of Southampton with honors in Aeronautics & Astronautics, and with post-graduate engineering and leadership training at the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell, Les followed a career in the Royal Air Force with demanding operational, safety, engineering and support roles, where he consistently increased operational effectiveness of aircraft assets.  Reliability of UK military systems became his prime focus.

Warwick University recruited Les in 1993, to co-develop a highly successful Master’s degree program in Quality and Reliability that emphasized management, practical application for industry and an ethos of continuous improvement.   During this time, he researched leading-edge content, provided consulting services and acquired comprehensive knowledge of wide-ranging issues related to reliability, maintenance and safety.  He was also highly successful in obtaining research funding, to continually develop and validate new concepts and applications in aerospace, electronics, automotive and other industries.  He was hand-selected to guide the UK Government in the development of a UK National Reliability Strategy for the management and commercial applications of reliability.

Les moved to Research in Motion (now BlackBerry) as Director of Reliability in 2005 where he provided strategic direction to focus product development on corporate and customer benefit.  He transferred the focus for product reliability from test-based specification to one of user experience and corporate profit.  He identified, mentored and supported senior agents across the delivery teams, to facilitate effective cross-team engagement, and delivered quantitative and qualitative assurance of product reliability goals in greater than 20 major product developments.

Les has provided consulting services since 2011, to a wide range of clients worldwide.  He has enabled engineering start-ups to deliver product reliability and robustness “right first time” and with outstanding commercial success.  He has re-directed well-established companies, guiding, mentoring and facilitating all levels of change from corporate objectives to data analysis methods.  He develops reliability plans that integrate fully with wider project efforts.  He is often an integral member of development teams and contributes effectively to root cause investigations. He delivers training across a wide range of subjects.

Les lives on Prince Edward Island, Canada.  He has dual Canadian & UK citizenship and has a work visa for USA.

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