Most of us will be well aware of just how important product reliability is to business success and customer satisfaction. Of course, it is more than that: we need to deliver well-targeted reliability, cost-effectively and on-time. And it isn’t easy.

But who said that reliability engineering is easy?

Or that reliability engineering requires a fixed set of tools that we can learn in College?

My experience over 30+ years in the reliability field is that we need to continually refresh, improve and expand our skills, to address new technologies, new challenges, and take note of new learning.

Reliability engineers MUST follow a path of Professional Development

I have recently posted an article on in which I review some of the opportunities we have to access additional learning and certification.  There are several.

I personally offer Reliability Green Belt®, Reliability Black Belt® and Reliability Master Black Belt® training programs, and also provide an ASQ CRE Preparatory Course. (Training Programs) These provide a wealth of current knowledge for the aspiring and experienced reliability engineer alike.

In addition, however, I believe we also need to network and learn from others.

Conferences are a great opportunity to do this. My favourite is RAMS, but you may have a focus in a particular industry or a particular field. The better conferences will be the ones where the papers only accepted after successful independent review (refereed), and where a full written paper is provided – not just copies of the presentation slides.

You will quickly find out that it is pretty well impossible to get a full understanding of topics from the time-limited presentations, but contact with the author and with fellow attendees, will allow you to review the papers afterwards and follow up. I believe that such active networking is a crucial part of professional development.

I will be at RAMS 2018 in Reno, NV at the Reliability Engineering Academy booth. I urge you to come visit.  In the meantime, please contact me.