Our Services

It is not reliability itself that is desired; it is the benefits of reliability that we seek.

Our experience and services…

cover strategy development, executive management,
best-practice application of reliability methods
post-graduate education programs, and
product delivery across diverse industry sectors.

Strategic Planning Process - Analyze, Develop, Plan, Execute, Review
We focus on enabling delivery of consistent product reliability that gives optimal customer and user benefits and maximum business gains.

We aim to work with you to achieve your objectives; customer satisfaction, return on investment, risk reduction, schedule compression, etc.

We develop your capability: skills, use of resources, organization.


Reliability design methods facilitation and training Services

  • E.g. FMEA, FTA, root cause analysis, accelerated testing, life-data analysis

Corporate reliability capability assessment and development

  • Identifying shortfalls and opportunities to deliver knowledge-based and consistent product reliability, in timely and cost-effective ways
  • Applying best practice to your team and activities
  • Ensuring you learn from success

Field and test data analysis Services

  • Leveraging data proactively to identify potential issues and minimize costly field returns

Reliability program development and management services

  • Tailoring requirements to customer and business needs
  • Planning tests to deliver clear objectives
  • Integrating product reliability with overall project plans, optimized resourcing and timely delivery
  • Maximizing return on investment (ROI)

Mentoring reliability engineers

  • Training leading to Certified Reliability Engineer
  • Developing skills beyond CRE
  • Providing rich resource to augment internal skills
  • Tailoring webinars to immediate needs